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Rafting the Green River
Rafting the Green River Photo © Willie Holdman

Adventures in Utah!
Utah Guides and Outfitters Association
Utah Guides and Outfitters Association (UGO) is a collaborative group of more than 40 of Utah's premier outfitters, each focusing on the highest quality outdoor excursions throughout the vast and diverse wilderness of Utah's mountains, deserts, canyons, and rivers. We offer a wide array of activities around the region including rafting, canoeing, kayaking, mountain bike tours, horseback riding, hiking, fishing, 4-wheel-drive trips, and outdoor education or service programs. We know that "adventure" means something different to everyone. And we know Utah! We want to help make your next adventure safe, exciting, and unforgettable.
Utah truly is the "Best of the West." There are so many things to see, so many environments to explore, so many unparalleled experiences awaiting, that you will find it hard to convince your friends it was all in one place when you sit them down with your pictures. National parks, biking adventures, wilderness areas, 4X4 roads, wild and scenic river stretches, hiking trails, mountain peaks, canyoneering routes - it is all just waiting for you in Utah. Come take a closer look!"
UGO with a Guide
UGO with a Guide
To go with a guide? Yes! Let the experience and professionalism "wow!" you, as you savor delicious meals, marvel at the wiley ways of the desert dwellers, and share your journey with people who know the area like the back of their gnarley hands. Safety and comfort zone management are a specialty of the guide community. Let us lead you to unimagined new reaches and discover something new in yourselves as well as the landscape. Guides take pride in what they do, and you are really going to understand why!

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